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“Dancing Birches. Part 5” (4) di Glen Sorestad

traduzione di Angela D’Ambra

Quarta poesia di Glen Sorestad dedicata a Ernest Hemingway. Le precedenti qui, qui e qui . [E. A.]

Two Old Boys of Cojimar [1]
   When the two old fellows saw us approaching 
   they snapped to like wind-gusted flags. 
   The little fishing village just east of Havana 
   is best known as home of Santiago, 
   Hemingway’s heroic protagonist,who 
   spent two days and two nights adrift 
   far out on the Gulf, bound, will to will, 
   to a magnificent and gigantic marlin[2], 
   until he subdued the great fish, only to lose it 
   to marauding sharks before he could 
   bring his once-in-a-lifetime catch
   home to the village as tangible proof. 
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