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“Dancing Birches. Part 5” (5) + tre nuove poesie di Glen Sorestad

traduzione di Angela D’Ambra

Ecco la quinta e ultima poesia di “Dancing Birches. Part 5” assieme ad altre tre nuove sempre su Hemingway c,he fanno da appendice. Le precedenti le trovate scrivendo in alto a destra (lente d’ingrandimento) il nome dell’autore. [E. A.]

 Finca Vigia[1]
 His house is now a museum. You can look,
 but you can’t touch – photos, if you wish,
 may be taken from cordoned doorways 
 or through open windows in this home 
 where he and Mary lived, where he wrote, 
 where they entertained movie stars and statesmen. 
 Pilar, his fishing boat, stands weathered,
 high and dry, alongside the swimming pool 
 where Ava Gardner is said to have stroked 
 lengths, adorned with that famous sultry smile, 
 and so the rumour goes, nothing else.
 Everywhere in Havana that Hemingway
 ate or drank, worked or played, is remembered 
 by fresh generations of those he lived among 
 and loved with a fierce tenderness, people
 who loved him back and love him still – 
 an American hero in a nation blockaded
 by his own people -- this place he came to live in, 
 where he will never die, but be forever Papa,
 a giant among the people who welcomed him,
 who took him into their hearts,
 not the man who also lived in Idaho
 and hunted pheasants, who one day 
 took his shotgun out and wrote the end
 to the story he spent a lifetime telling.
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“Dancing Birches. Part 5” (4) di Glen Sorestad

traduzione di Angela D’Ambra

Quarta poesia di Glen Sorestad dedicata a Ernest Hemingway. Le precedenti qui, qui e qui . [E. A.]

Two Old Boys of Cojimar [1]
   When the two old fellows saw us approaching 
   they snapped to like wind-gusted flags. 
   The little fishing village just east of Havana 
   is best known as home of Santiago, 
   Hemingway’s heroic protagonist,who 
   spent two days and two nights adrift 
   far out on the Gulf, bound, will to will, 
   to a magnificent and gigantic marlin[2], 
   until he subdued the great fish, only to lose it 
   to marauding sharks before he could 
   bring his once-in-a-lifetime catch
   home to the village as tangible proof. 
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“Dancing Birches. Part 5” (2) di Glen Sorestad

traduzione di Angela D’Ambra

Questa è la seconda poesia della sequenza che il poeta Glen Sorestad ha dedicato ad Ernest Hemingway. La prima la leggete qui. [E. A].

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Poesie di Margaret O’ Driscoll

Traduzioni di Angela D’Ambra

Pubblico queste poesie che definirei “ecologiste” e di disarmante candore in segno di accoglienza verso una sensibilità poetica molto diversa da quelle più disincantate o addirittura ciniche che oggi danno il segno dominante alla cultura italiana in crisi. [E. A.]

Breakfast time May morning
Sun shines bright outside
Glittering jewels hang in a row
All along the slide
Glistening dewdrops on the grass
Crystals sparkle on the swing
The daisy chain made yesterday
Shines like diamonds on a string
Gocce di rugiada

Mattina di maggio ora di colazione
Il sole fuori splende sfavillante
Gioielli brillanti pendono in fila
Lungo l’intero scivolo
Sull’erba gocce di rugiada luccicanti
Cristalli scintillanti sull’altalena
Le ghirlanda di margherite fatta ieri
Splende come diamanti sopra un filo.
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